Car Giveaway Contest for Showing Up

Victorville Motors, a Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership northeast of Los Angeles, has created a car giveaway for high school students. All students have to do is show up to class!

This contest is called "It's a Gas to go to Class," and students get entered in the contest by having perfect attendance. At the beginning of the school year, participating high schools explain the prizes and rules of the contest. Then in December and April, there are car or truck giveaways.

This has been going on for the last 5 years and a total of 16 free cars or trucks have been given away. This has also resulted in $10 million in additional state funding being put into schools because of increased attendance. 

Victorville Motors decided to take on this project to help the community, and they have! This contest now has the support of over 100 local businesses. Victorville Motors and these businesses put on a day-long festival for anyone with perfect attendance, and this festival includes prizes other than vehicles. Teachers and support staff can also be entered into contest for their perfect attendance as well. 

Superintendent Jill Kemock of Silver Valley Unified School District, said the district has doubled its perfect attendance rate in the past few years, which has significantly increased their funding. With one simple contest, Victorville Motors has made a huge difference in their community. 

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