Indiana Transmission Plant I Earns World Class Manufacturing Bronze


All five FCA Indiana facilities have now achieved World Class Manufacturing status. The US Indiana Transmission Plant I (ITPI) was the most recent to achieve this status. They did so at the beginning of September.

In order to achieve this status, IPTI earned a minimum of 50 points in 20 different categories. Technical pillars comprised of 10 of the categories and the other 10 were managerial pillars. These points were earned during the two-day audit on August 30th and 31st.

The Indiana plant demonstrated their knowledge of World Class Manufacturing through employee-conducted presentations as well as the projects being completed on the shop floor.

"Through their tireless effort and resilient commitment to WCM, the ITPI workforce now holds the bronze designation," said Brian Harlow, Vice President - Manufacturing, FCA North America. "The dedication of these employees establishes Indiana as a bronze empire and positions the world's largest transmission operation on a solid path to World Class status."

The World Class Manufacturing status has been a priority for FCA plants the past several years. The World Class Methodology focuses on engaging the workforce and increasing their sense of ownership about their jobs as well as asking them to provide solutions to improve their job and their plant as a whole.

16 FCA plants have achieved the bronze status, and since then, 3 have gone on to achieve the silver status. That means you may just see the ITPI plant achieving the silver someday!

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