New Chrysler Commerical Co-directed by Birds of Prey

Roi, Victor and Fletcher are three trained eagles that helped Fiat Chrysler with their new commercial. 

Chrysler decided they wanted a new angle on their commercial featuring the 2017 124 Spider, so they went with the bird's eye view. This commercial was filmed from a 2.8-ounce camera placed on the back of an eagle-or three eagles to be exact.

The three eagles Roi, Victor and Fletcher are from FREEDOM Conservation, which is a movement that supports threatened birds of prey. These birds went through a two-week training process specifically for the Chrysler commercial. To capture the unique shots they wanted for the commercial, Falconer Jaques Olivier Travers simply went to the location where he wanted the birds to end up and they came to him. 

This wasn't the eagles first starring role, though. In fact, they are quite accustomed to being on the screen, and they have been in video productions from the French Alps to Dubai. 

Check out the commercial to learn more about how Fiat Chrysler supports FREEDOM Conservation!

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