Ram Nation Volunteers!

Who do you want on your side in crisis? Ram Nation!

Recently, there has been a water contamination issue in Flint, Michigan. When it reached emergency levels, volunteers and their Ram trucks delivered 87,000 pounds of water to Flint. 

Ram Nation has been taking on service projects throughout the United States the last couple years and they are always game to help out in crisis. Last year, storms flooded southeastern Texas and left some pretty devastated areas. The good news is that Ram Nation was able to help out coordinating with local truck owners, and rescue teams to deliver supplies to those in need and to help clean up some of the devastation. Ram Nation has also helped in the wake of terrible tornados by helping to clean up areas and help people save some of their possessions. 

However, it doesn't take a crisis to make Ram Nation come around. Recently, Ram Nation has been helping out at local community gardens. One of these sites is Oakland Hills Community Garden where volunteers have helped plant crops and grow the community garden to make their community a better place to be!

Want to make a difference? It's easy if you have a Ram truck! 

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