The Story of a Renegade and a Grand Cherokee


Throughout this year, Jeep has been celebrating their 75th anniversary. To do so, they have created a website for their customers to share their Jeep Story. This is because Jeep is so much more than a brand. Through this website, customers have shared their favorite moments with their Jeep vehicles and through these stories it becomes clear that having a Jeep is a way of life for many of these customers.

Jeep realizes that it is the customer that makes the Jeep, not them. Jeep wants to create vehicles that help you go on your adventures, so instead of telling you what you could do in your Jeep, they decided to let Jeep owners share their stories.

For example, Kasey Boggs describes how she has had a Jeep all her life. She recently purchased a Jeep Renegade because it was perfect for her and her pack. Her pack consists of animals she has rescued including a cat, a few dogs and even some ducks. She loves the Renegade because it has room for her and her whole pack and they can take the Jeep out to the trails to hike and spend some time in nature.

Cathy Robbins shares her Jeep story about taking her Jeeps on vacation to Outer Banks, NC and driving the vehicles on the beach to get to their vacation home. She described how they usually take their Wrangler, but last year was their first year taking the Grand Cherokee as well and the Grand Cherokee did amazing in the deep sand and high dunes.

Jeep vehicles allow you to live out your adventure in your own way. If you are ready for more adventure, it may be time to upgrade. You can check out the Jeep vehicles we have in stock here

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